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Surat Zainal: 1 Syawal 1428H!

Surat ini originalnya d tulis tangan oleh Zainal Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Akhirnya, InsyaAllah, kita sudah hampir ke penghujung konflik ini dan bertepatan dengan semangat Syawal, hari baik, bulan baik ini, semua pihak sudah pun bersetuju untuk menyelesaikan kes ini dalam masa terdekat.

Walaupun dugaan ini adalah yang paling traumatik pernah saya alami, silver liningnya ialah, InsyaAllah, saya telah beroleh satu tarbiyyah Ramadhan yang amat berharga. Bukan saja untuk diri saya, tetapi keluarga, sahabat dan semua pihak yang terbabit.



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(Arina sempat mencetak komen-komen dari blog ini untuk tatapan Zainal dalam sel Muraqabat sebagai memberitahu sokongan kalian kepada beliau, dan beliau sempat mencatat komen sebelum pen habis dakwat….)

Ini komen Zainal pada Sabtu 6 Okt.

Untuk A-Level MatesGuys, tell Mr. Raman Naidu that I am truly sorry, to have taken the coconut(s) from his then, staff quarters at koleq” and yes, with all your prayers, InsyaAllah, I will be fine.

To Abang Jay: Comment dari Abang Jay tu suruh sampaikan salam pada Puan Hajjah Arini? err, I am only married to you (read:Hajjah Arini)!

To Leeds Metro U lads: I am not sure sapa Leeds metro University. Maybe Waheda and jini, cuma I don’t think they are on-line nowadays. (more…)

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Mesti Baca: Surat Zainal!

Dear A,

My name is Zainal Adnan. We have never met nor spoken to each other. However, since I am one of the signatory to the Peremba cheques which you have banked-in, I am now held under police custody.

You may appreciate that I have never been in the picture as far as negotiation, awards and any other evaluation regarding KELE Contracting agreement. In fact, I am not even authorized to enter into agreement with any company for that matter. The only reason I signed those cheques is because it is my job to do it. The fact that I treat the matter as routine, since it should have been replaced with LCs, may be my gravest mistake, since the LC approval lies with our Head office. I was never in control.


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By Friends of Zainal Adnan Khairudin in UAE (who’s who in PECD Board here)

This is with reference to a recent Bernama report published in certain media on detention of a Malaysia citizen who was also an employee of PECD in Dubai for allegedly signing two company cheques which were subsequently dishonoured.

The Bernama report can be read here and here, (the latter is part of an effort to let the world know about the ongoing battle for his freedom and release from Muraqabat cell).

In brief, our friend Zainal Adnan Khairudin is being detained by Dubai Police as under the local laws it is a criminal offence to sign cheques “without any funds” (as in this particular circumstance the cheques are used as security cheques in place of pending letter of credit to be released by the issuing bank) even though the signatory merely follows the instructions as an employee.

Twenty four days have already passed and together with certain good government officials, we have been trying within our limitations to assist him and his family as well as coordinating our efforts to release him before being charged in court.

After some hesitancy and delays from PECD to hire a lawyer for his defence, we subsequently hired a personal lawyer as an urgent measure to ensure he has the right legal means to put forward his case and at the same time to advise us on the best available approaches and resources to get him released on bail, pending his case to be heard in Dubai courts.

One of the conditions to release this innocent man from current detention is for PECD to settle immediately the amount owed as per claimed by the supplier which the latter will drop the case. Another condition is for PECD to deposit AED2 millions in court as a bail while settling the dispute under the civil case.

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MESTI BACA: Penjelasan Zainal!

(Note: this letter has been edited to protect third parties)




I refer to the recent news statement from PECD on BERNAMA dated Sept 24,2007 with the above title and would appreciate if you could consider my response, although limited only to what I have in memory, to find an amicable solution to this matter.

The negotiation and subsequently, the agreement with KELE Contracting was entered into Mr.OJ, the former General Manager Middle East.

According to the agreement:
1. 2 security PDC cheques of 1 mil each will be issued to KELE to enable them to start work immediately at O Project, Palm Jumeirah.

2. The 2 security cheques will be returned once Letter of Credit arrangement is in place within normal time of 2-3 days upon Application < In our case, since the issuing bank is AFFIN in Malaysia, Group CEO Signatory is required; and in turn, he requested Mr.TT, the Director of Construction to vet through the documents and to endorse prior to him signing it>


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MESTI BACA: Surat Isteri!

Re: Zainal Adnan Khairuddin, PECD Officer in Dubai Police Lockup

The above kindly referred.

I am Arina Abdullah the wife of the above named and mother of his 4 children.

This letter comes to you with the hope that our trouble would be heard and not regarded as petty or nuisance to those involved.

My husband has been a loyal servant of Peremba Construction for 10 years. Started from E5 position and now a E2 plus a possible jail sentence of up to 3 years. A fact, but not very easy to accept.

After being moved to Dubai, in 2005 my husband’s employment status was changed to contract basis adhering to company policy, which expires today. We were supposed to have left for Morocco for Zainal to start with his new job there. We thought it had ended quite well as Zainal waited until the completion of his contract and his successor to take over about a month prior to our departure.



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