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By Friends of Zainal Adnan Khairudin in UAE

The Gulf News editorial today has something to tell about war in Iraq.

One day the truth will be told

Gulf News
Published: October 10, 2007, 23:51

Perhaps in due course of time the truth will be told on the collaboration between the US and UK preceding the invasion of Iraq four years ago, but it is doubtful. Even if certain information comes out, through one means or another, the official record of events will take many years to surface, if at all unless it is deemed a security risk to anyone involved. Which is why those involved in the decision making process, or were at their side, will always have a story to tell, and the sooner told the more rewarding for everyone involved.

Beyond Iraq boders, there is an undertaking which includes the life span of this blog.

We may have to lay off, to take few steps back to fight for another day but the truth always prevails.

Till then, Eid Mubarak.


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Ucapan Selamat Hari Raya

Hantarkan ucapan selamat hari raya kepada Zainal dan keluarga ke email muraqabat.station@gmail.com. Ucapan anda akan disiarkan di blog ini.

Salam dari Subang,
Zasman dan rakan-rakan
Untuk Zainal,Arin dan keluarga
banyak bersabar
semuga Allah senantiasa bersama kita dalam ujian yang perlu kita tempuhi


Hj.ZAK & Hjh. Pn.Arina & Family,


Maaf terlamat ye!!(masalah teknikal)

Serpurna dalam bulan Syawal ini Kami sekeluarga ucapkan Selamat & Salam aidil Fitri pd semua Family di Dubai semoga diberkati & tabahan hati menghadapi segala Dugaan & Ujian ALLAH yg MAHA KUASA Segala NYA.kami di sini hanya dapat tolong dgn memohon DOA kpd yg Maha Esa supaya perkara itu dapat disegera & diselesaikan.(Qudrat & Qudar).


Di bulan baik ini,kami & keluarga memohon Ampun & Maaf Zahir & Batin semoga Ramadhan tahun ini memberi seribu makna kepada Kita semua..semoga tabah utk menghadapiNYA…Wassalam


Kpd Hjh Pn.Arina (Na) drp Pn.Zariah (ya)(Abg Saidi wife),


Ingat Lagi Ke?? Lama sungguh tak jumpa kan kerana jauh di Perantauan, kesempatan ini saya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Maaf Zahir Batin semoga tabahan hati terbuka dgn apa yg diHadapi dugaan, saya terasa sedih & terharu apabila tahu berita dari Dubai yg Na hadapi skrg (terbaca blog drp laptop abg Saidi)..Saya puji Na. Bersabar ,kuatkan spiritual dan Redha dengan ujianNYA…kalau terkena pada saya tak tahulah apa nak dikata..Insyallah hanya Doa kpd Yg Maha ESA yg dapat dipohon utk tabah dengan masalah yg dihadapi .


Selamat & Salam Aidil Fitri semoga di Berkati…Ass”kum..Wassalamu


Salam Pada Semua Your Family..



Mohamed Saidi Mohamed

Zariah Che Hassan

Mohd Alif Muhaimin

Siti Norafiqah

Siti Nur’izzati

Mohd Zaim Azraf

Mohd Haris Asyah




Berbanyaklah bersabar dengan dugaan Allah ini. Sememangnya setiap ujian Allah itu pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya.
Sesungguhnya juga Allah lebih mengetahui bahawa ujian yang diberikan adalah berpadanan dengan tahap kecekalan iman hamba-Nya.

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Eid Mubarak!


Zainal dan famili, Ramadhan 1427 (Oktober 2006)

Tuai padi antara masak, esok jangan layu-layuan

Intai kami antara nampak, esok jangan rindu-rinduan

Selamat Hari Raya dari kami

buat yang jauh dan yang dekat

Maaf Zahir Batin

Zainal dan keluarga

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Rumours and Hopes

By Friends of Zainal Adnan Khairudin in UAE

A week passed since the meeting was held between the management and his families back home. We have to refrain from further elaborating the event.

There are surging of renewed and fresh hopes as days progressing toward Aidilfitri. As always, rumours are circulating in virtual and real life about everything, including this case of unfortunate circumstance of an innocent man being detained for his company’s dishonoured cheques. Then again, sometimes rumours are just plain stories made up of false hopes or series of wild imaginations to kill the waiting time.

We always pray for the better, not for the worse. Ramadan is a month of ibadah and Syawal is for celebration for passing the test. Time to see things in different perspectives with vigour spirits.

Allah is THE best strategist of all. Ups and downs, there are always blessing in disguise. We may be too occupied with little things that we always take bigger things for granted that may slip away in seconds.


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(Note : This letter has been edited to protect third parties)

From: OJ


Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 11:32:08 +0800

Dear CEO,

Following our telephone conversation the day before yesterday with regard to Kele issue and the various unclear reports that you might have gotten from your team I would like to clarify the followings:

1. After the reactivation of our Oceana banks’ facilities in late April 07, the client has encouraged PECD to open more works’ fronts in attempt to recover the delays (due to stoppage of work for almost 3 months). At the time, the existing work force was not enough to cover the required progress and PECD was encouraged to out source the additional work force from the local market (this was adequately recorded in the weekly site progress meetings). Kele was recommended by the client’s Project Manager (PMDC) and we requested them to quote after we have done our due diligence. There were series of negotiations sessions with Kele to conclude the pricing and proposed contract that TT was well aware of (through my briefs during his frequent visits to Dubai). However, Attachment (1) is an email from me to TT in this regard.

2. A full set of documents (Original hard copy of the spread sheet, draft contract and LC) have been passed to him to bring back to KL in order to get your approval and necessary endorsement of the LC. This can be witnessed by all involved staff (contract, PD, QS and accounts).

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