(Arina sempat mencetak komen-komen dari blog ini untuk tatapan Zainal dalam sel Muraqabat sebagai memberitahu sokongan kalian kepada beliau, dan beliau sempat mencatat komen sebelum pen habis dakwat….)

Ini komen Zainal pada Sabtu 6 Okt.

Untuk A-Level MatesGuys, tell Mr. Raman Naidu that I am truly sorry, to have taken the coconut(s) from his then, staff quarters at koleq” and yes, with all your prayers, InsyaAllah, I will be fine.

To Abang Jay: Comment dari Abang Jay tu suruh sampaikan salam pada Puan Hajjah Arini? err, I am only married to you (read:Hajjah Arini)!

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(Note : This letter has been edited to protect third parties)

From: OJ


Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 11:32:08 +0800

Dear CEO,

Following our telephone conversation the day before yesterday with regard to Kele issue and the various unclear reports that you might have gotten from your team I would like to clarify the followings:

1. After the reactivation of our Oceana banks’ facilities in late April 07, the client has encouraged PECD to open more works’ fronts in attempt to recover the delays (due to stoppage of work for almost 3 months). At the time, the existing work force was not enough to cover the required progress and PECD was encouraged to out source the additional work force from the local market (this was adequately recorded in the weekly site progress meetings). Kele was recommended by the client’s Project Manager (PMDC) and we requested them to quote after we have done our due diligence. There were series of negotiations sessions with Kele to conclude the pricing and proposed contract that TT was well aware of (through my briefs during his frequent visits to Dubai). However, Attachment (1) is an email from me to TT in this regard.

2. A full set of documents (Original hard copy of the spread sheet, draft contract and LC) have been passed to him to bring back to KL in order to get your approval and necessary endorsement of the LC. This can be witnessed by all involved staff (contract, PD, QS and accounts).
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Dear A,

My name is Zainal Adnan. We have never met nor spoken to each other. However, since I am one of the signatory to the Peremba cheques which you have banked-in, I am now held under police custody.

You may appreciate that I have never been in the picture as far as negotiation, awards and any other evaluation regarding KELE Contracting agreement. In fact, I am not even authorized to enter into agreement with any company for that matter. The only reason I signed those cheques is because it is my job to do it. The fact that I treat the matter as routine, since it should have been replaced with LCs, may be my gravest mistake, since the LC approval lies with our Head office. I was never in control.

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THE EDGE DAILY: Dubai Investment Group’s (DIG) withdrawal from a RM184.94 million tripartite joint venture involving financially- troubled PECD Bhd is merely the tip of the iceberg of the myriad of problems PECD now faces, sources said.

Sources familiar with its operations in the Middle East said its wholly owned subsidiary PECD LLC had not paid its staff in Dubai salaries since last August.

On June 21, PECD signed a Heads of Agreement with DIG and Dubai Properties to formalise their intention to enter into the tripartite 200-million dirham (RM184.94 million) JV that would have seen the two Dubai companies holding a 70% stake in PECD LLC.

PECD is currently holding 49% stake in PECD LLC with the remaining 51% held by a local partner. DIG, currently a substantial shareholder of PECD, is the global financial investor of Dubai Holding, which is headquartered in the emirate of Dubai with local office network worldwide from New York to London and Kuala Lumpur.

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Dari laman Orang Kita:

Saya menyumpah Peremba Engineers (PECD) dengan sekeras-keras sumpahan kerana semacam tidak mahu bertanggungjawab ke atas kakitanganya yang taat setia berkhidmat mengikut peraturan dan perintah. Peremba Engineers (PECD) adalah syarikat yang semput dan telah diselamatkan oleh UMNO dan kejadian ini amat memalukan warga Malaysia khasnya Melayu yang berkhidmat di Timur Tengah. Juga menambah jahanam lagi nama UMNO yang mula disebut benci oleh seluruh warga Melayu di Timur Tengah.

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Hari ke-45!

DUBAI, Sept 23 (Bernama) — A senior official of Peremba Construction Dubai Branch has been in the police lockup here for the last two weeks after he was detained for allegedly signing two company cheques which were subsequently dishonoured.

Zainal Adnan Khairuddin, 39, had signed the cheques in his capacity as the company’s senior manager (finance).

He was the second signatory of the two cheques of one million dirham (about RM938,000) each.

His case was brought before the Dubai Court here today but was postponed to October 16 pending a settlement between Peremba and Kele Contracting, a manpower supply company hired by Peremba, which had cashed the cheques.

Zainal Adnan’s lawyer, Ali Mohammad Tamim, said it was a criminal offence here to sign cheques “without any funds”.

“It is considered bad intention. However, Zainal Adnan is innocent as he signed the cheques only as an employee of the company. He is just an employee. It is the company which is responsible,” he told Bernama here after the case was mentioned in court.

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